Effectively handling icons in Delphi applications

A friend recently started two open source projects I consider very interesting for the Delphi community.

IconFontsImageList and SVGIconImageList projects, by Carlo Barazzetta (Ethea), are available on GitHub.com. They enable Delphi developers to make a huge step into modernization of their applications (VCL, even when using older Delphi versions and FMX) or their UI, including adding a proper support for image handling with respect to high-DPI screens.

I know Carlo since long long time and we have worked together on several projects in the past and also currently. Kudos for the great work he is doing and for the enthusiasm he gathered through the international Delphi community.

I’ve spent some time translating to English the very comprehensive article he recently wrote (in Italian), to help spread the projects all over the world. You can find the link to the english version of the article clicking on the following button:

Keep up the good work! 🙂


One thought on “Effectively handling icons in Delphi applications

  1. Carlo Barazzetta says:

    …and thank you very much for the translation!

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