CodeRage 2019: FMXER session

This year CodeRage, the Embarcadero OnLine conference, has a new format and sessions (brief and focused) are available in series. This week topic is “FireMonkey Multi-Device Design series” hosted by Sarina DuPont, Embarcadero Director of Product Management.

You can find all details and registration links at this page.

I’ve submitted a session introducing FMXER (20 min video session), a prototypal visual framework (free and open-source) built over FMX following the current trend in low-code approach (Google Flutter, Apple Swift UI) but retaining RAD capabilities. TFrameStand and TFormStand are the building blocks of FMXER.

Many sessions in the list looks amazing and there is a live Q&A on November 14th, 19:00 CET (date and time calculator link). I will try to be available online even if I’ll be traveling across Switzerland and Italy that day.

Enjoy the CodeRage 2019 and please share your feedback about FMXER!

Update, here’s the video from CodeRage 2019:

You can find the full YouTube playlist at this link.

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