Next three conferences (May, June 2019)

My blog has been a bit silent recently as I am busy with many projects within my customers in Italy. However in the next couple of months I’ll be speaking at three different events around the Europe: Germany, Italy and Poland. Here you can find some links and a short description of the topics I’ll be covering each event.

I am always excited to meet Delphi developers and experts from other countries and join events of different Delphi communities. A good chance to showcase some of my open source projects and most recent topics from my area of research (like ESP32 for IoT).

Looking forward to meet you at the events.

Delphi Code Camp 2019

Where: Koln, Germany
When: Wednesday, May 8th (the event begins Monday)
What: Workshop about mobile development with Delphi

The workshop will cover several areas of interest about building mobile applications with Delphi, including general application architecture (forms, datamodules, frames), data access (FireDAC), UI concepts (list controls customization, data binding, use of TFrameStand), networking (REST) and advanced topics with Android as a specific topic.

ITDevCon SE 2019

Where: Rome, Italy
When: Friday, May 17th (the event begins Thursday)
What: Two technical sessions during the conference

I’ll be giving two sessions in this all-Italian edition of ITDevCon: the first session is about mobile development with Delphi covering general application architecture, the use of TFrameStand to improve UI features and app maintainability and some tips for mobile developers. The second session is about IoT, specifically targeting ESP32 boards and implementing integrations across this boards and Delphi, making use of http or Bluetooth LE communication.

Delphi Developer’s Days PL

Where: Warsaw, Poland
When: June 4th-5th
What: Two technical sessions during the event

I’m happy to join this event for the first time and meet Delphi community from Poland! I’ll be giving two technical sessions focused on my open source projects: TFrameStand and MARS-Curiosity.
The first session will provide an extensive overview of TFrameStand and how to use it proficiently while building mobile applications with Delphi.
The second session will be dedicated to MARS-Curiosity, my REST library for Delphi, easy to use yet powerful tool to build REST API servers (with the possibility to take advantage of some Delphi specific features when server and client are Delphi applications) and also providing a REST client library (agnostic).

Happy coding everyone!

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