DAPUG and Delphi Code Camp followup and pictures

In April, I had the pleasure to be a speaker at two great Delphi events:

I love to meet Delphi developers at conferences and in-person meetings as I always come back with a lot of hints, tips and interesting case stories about how successful Delphi is in many different areas and projects. I had the pleasure to visit Denmark for the first time and meet people from there as well as from Sweden, Finland and even USA. The DAPUG meeting has been a two day workshop where I had the privilege to co-present some sessions with Marco Cantù, spend some time with Jens Fudge and meet Steffen Nyeland.

Me, Marco Cantù, Jens Fudge and Steffen Nyeland at DAPUG

After the danish event, I went to Frankfurt to give a workshop on my REST library at Delphi Code Camp 2018. The event was structured as a three days workshop with three speakers, one per day. Before me, Stefan Glienke and Bernd Ua gave their workshops (that I unfortunately missed for logistic reasons). It has been a pleasure to spend some time with them around the workshop and meet german developers who were attending.

Me, Stefan Glienke and Bernd Ua

The feedback has been great from both events and I really want to thank again the organizers for the kind invitation. Hope to see you all soon!

Here you can find an album with some pictures (some taken with my camera, some other with the smartphone) including beautiful landscapes from the Nyborg hotel, my first danish breakfast, my first direct contact with a Tesla, some pictures from the planes and (bonus!) a quite unconventional conference picture with Stefan and Bernd 🙂

Pictures from DAPUG and Delphi Code Camp 2018


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