Delphi conferences: The LAB, ITDevCon, EKON 21!

This blog has been a bit quiet since last few weeks and the reason is I am a bit overloaded these times.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet a lot of Delphi developers all over the Europe since I was speaking at The LAB event in Eindhoven (September, 19th), I was at ITDevCon in Rome (October, 10-11th) and at EKON 21 (October, 23-25th) in Germany.

Last but not the least, I was involved in the organization of a special Delphi and ExtJS event in Milan on October, 26th.

Great people, great feeling

I love to go to conferences because it is an opportunity for me to showcase some projects of mine (including single projects, built with Delphi of course, and long term projects like MARS or TFrameStand). At the same time it lets me meet a lot of other Delphi developers out there and have a chance to collect other ideas, thoughts and feelings. Last but definitely not least, it is a nice way to meet great speakers and prominent Delphi community members from all over the world.

These people are an important part of the Delphi world and their efforts (see here named all component vendors, OSS authors and contributors, technology experts, MVPs and Embarcadero employees) are the force moving Delphi forward year after year.

As you can see in some pictures (you may have already seen them on my social media accounts), you can easily recognize many of them including (sorting is casual) Jens Fudge, Marco Cantù, Bruno Fierens, Pawel Glowacki, Stefan Glienke, Cary Jensen, Michael Philippenko, Danny Wind, Primoz Gabrielcic, Daniele Teti, Daniele Spinetti, Joachim Duerr, Arnaud Bouchez, Brian Long, Detlef Overbeek, Raymond Horsten, Margreet van Muyden, Bogdan Polak and many others great speakers out there.

Some pictures

I greatly appreciated many technical speeches from them (as well as chatting here and there during lunches, dinners or coffe breaks) and I always come back to my every day work from these conferences with a lot of new knowledge and helpful things to be added to my toolkit. Moreover it is also an amazing human experience and I enjoyed every moment shared with them all (speakers and attendees).

Hope to see you all next round of conferences (maybe next year or earlier, who knows!).

Next blog post will be about the special Delphi and ExtJS event held in Milan last October, 26th.

Stay tuned!


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