TFrameStand v.1.3 available on GitHub and GetIt!

I am very happy to announce a new version (v1.3) of TFrameStand is now available both on GitHub and on GetIt (Embarcadero’s Package Manager).

The new feature list is not huge (I still wish to evolve more this project but time is limited):

  1. Added OnAfterHide event
  2. Widened binding of common action mechanism to address all TControl descendants
  3. Version specific packages for 10.2 Tokyo

TFrameStand is a very useful free and open source component to decouple your UI and build very modern and sophisticated user interfaces for mobile apps built with Delphi.

The easiest way to get TFrameStand is through GetIt: 2 click install available directly from Delphi IDE!

Search for TFrameStand in GetIt and click Install!

Installing takes only a few seconds

Smooth installation experience 🙂

Demos folder automatically available after install.

I am working on a new demo these days, so stay tuned (will blog about it)! 🙂


5 thoughts on “TFrameStand v.1.3 available on GitHub and GetIt!

  1. Okay. I’ll be waiting for the demo.
    Thank you!

  2. fahd says:

    do u have TFrameStand work with xe7

    1. andrea.magni says:

      Hi, are you experiencing compilation errors? (if you try to use the XE8 package there are chances it will work).
      However it can be challenging to develop mobile applications with XE7, IMHO.


  3. Nimain charan panigrahy says:

    Hi, Just one question how to load single Tframestand with a loop into a verticalscrollbox.

    For example i want a framestand which shows some info of employee. If i have 10 employee then in vertical scrollbox have 10 same framestand will be appear with different employee info.

  4. Jean Vandromme says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I have some frames containing some editboxes and where the height (of the frame) is superior to the height of the mainform. It is usefull with mobile devices when the user change from a vertical to a horizontal layout.
    To see the editboxes on the bottom of the form, I need a vertical scrollbar, using frames without a stand, I can achieve this with a vertscrollbox (client align) on the mainform and the following code:
    frameBase: TFrame;
    framebase := TFrame1.create(self);
    frameBase.parent := vertscrollbox1;
    frameBase.align := TalignLayout.Horizontal; // otherwise the vertical scroll bar never appears

    How can I achieve this with a stand ? Changing the align property of the frame in a stand doesn’t change anything. With the following code, the vertical scrollbar never appears:

    frameBase := FrameStand1.New(vertscrollbox1);
    frameBase.Frame.align := TAlignLayout.Horizontal;



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