MARS-Curiosity: now a first-class GitHub repository

As you may have noticed, MARS-Curiosity is no more a fork of MARS-Library on GitHub.

I started this project back in 2014 and you can read details in “The project” section of the file. A change log is available here.

With the latest additions (MessageBodyReader mechanism and metadata support and emission [a blog post coming soon]), MARS-Curiosity has proven to be a very effective library to build REST (server and client) applications with Embarcadero Delphi.

Stay tuned for upcoming news (on this blog and on the MARS-Curiosity G+ Community).


2 thoughts on “MARS-Curiosity: now a first-class GitHub repository

  1. Antonello Carlomagno says:

    Compliments! Andrea

  2. Claudio Piffer says:

    Hi Andrea

    MARS-Curiosity is a must and a very great library.

    My dream is: Linux compiler (the wait is almost over ;-)) and Docker to publish my services MARS-Curiosity !!

    Thank you very much Andrea!

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