MARS-Curiosity: “Hello, World!” video

In this video I will show how to build your very first MARS-Curiosity application server.

Key aspects not to miss:

  • a simple VCL application (MARSTemplate) is used as host of the TMARSEngine, in order to ease the development;
  • high-level abstraction from http internals (with URL and verbs mapping): concentrate yourself on the application logic implementation rather than communication details;
  • automatic serialization of output values (most common types already covered, open mechanism for custom types or any other serialization needs);

Watch now:

In case you have missed it, here is the getting started video to learn how to download and install the MARS-Curiosity library.

More video to come, covering other concepts tied to http protocol (parameter mappings, media types, custom headers, …) and the library in general, so… stay tuned! 😉


PS: I recently fixed a couple of bugs in the client library (yes, there’s a client library and will be subject of some videos in the next weeks). You can find latest development in the “develop” branch of the repository (but fixes will soon be merged to “master” too). In general, I will have feature-branches starting from “develop” and then merged back to it. When a set of functionalities will reach a relevance threshold, I will consider merging back to “master” and eventually release some new versions (current release is v1.0).



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