CodeRage X replays available!

Even if there is no official announcement from Embarcadero yet, it seems most videos are already there (including my session).

You can find the CodeRageX – Delphi playlist on the Embarcadero’s YouTube channel (32 videos available as I am writing). A lot of very interesting sessions!

Update: here you can find a page with some resources related to CodeRage X sessions (links, download link for demo code and so on)

My session is #29 – TFrameStand Deep Dive: Build Visually Stunning and Consistent UI/UX with FMX Frames :

These days, I had some very positive feedbacks about TFrameStand, if you have any questions feel free to ask! If you encounter any problem using the component, please use the Issue tracker on (Link).

I think I will use the gitHub Wiki to provide some basic documentation and a roadmap (I have in mind a few feature to add).

Hope you have a good week! 😉

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