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Online (yet live) events

During the Coronavirus isolation restrictions, together with Antonello Carlomagno and Carlo Barazzetta, I started an online initiative (live, not recorded videos) to keep the Italian Delphi community in touch and have some fun together.

We are talking about a serie of live online events where a presenter (or more) talks about a topic but keeping the discussion open to all attendees. Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome even during the sessions. I have the belief there is much knowledge in the Delphi community and it only needs a way to be exchanged. Every developers has grown some skills over the years and, if prone to share them with others, this is the right place to go.

Teaching platform

A very special note is about the platform we are using: Lumicademy! It is a new product for online teaching. The platform supports online classrooms and it is ideal also for meeting and online sessions.

The main functionalities of the platform are:

  • audio and video sharing among participants, in a virtual room (every attendee can share his/her webcam and mic so the experience is very similar to a real live meeting);
  • document sharing (with live annotation capabilities by the presenter or the attendees as well);
  • shared blackboard, a powerful feature for quick explanations or drafts;
  • screen sharing;
  • session recording (to offer replays once the event is over);
  • chat (still experimental).

A very important fact is the platform is powered by Delphi! Both client side application and the backend are built with Delphi technology. The client application (available for Windows and MacOS) are multi-platform FireMonkey applications (with some platform specific integrations and optimizations aboard). The backend is provided by service applications built with our preferred development environment!

Authors of the platform are two Embarcadero MVP, Allen Drennan e Erik Van Bilsen, with their team. They are well-known developers among the Delphi community also because of their interesting blog Grijjy and various open-source projects.

We want to thank Lumicademy for the support and for enabling us running this initiative. We can without a doubt call it a success case and reason of proud for each Delphi developer out there.

Topics and schedule

The first event was an introduction to the initiative and it has taken place on March 17th, 2020. Attendance has been very good since from the start with an average of 50+ developers online per each session. Recently we collected some feedback through a Google Form and it has been very positive (about topics, initiative in general and the platform)!

All events are held in Italian, as I found out over the years we Italians prefer native language speeches over English ones and this also improves interaction among attendees.

Next event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22nd and it is the sixth one. You can check the schedule in this blog post and keep an eye on the webpage I set up for the initiative. (There is also another option: here you can fine a Google calendar you can subscribe to):

  • March, 17th:
    • #1 Introduction
    • Andrea Magni, Antonello Carlomagno, Carlo Barazzetta
  • March, 25th:
    • #2 IconFontsImageList: modern icons for VCL and FMX
    • Carlo Barazzetta
  • April, 1st:
    • #3 Cloud & Hosting providers
    • Antonello Carlomagno
  • April, 8th:
    • #4 MARS – REST library for Delphi
    • Andrea Magni
  • April, 15th:
    • #5 Code signing for Windows executables + Notarization for MacOS apps
    • David Lastrucci, Riccardo Lotti and Antonello Carlomagno
  • April, 22nd:
    • #6 MARS: Authentication with JWT
    • Andrea Magni
  • April, 29th:
    • #7 Windows application (VCL) modernization, High DPI support
    • Carlo Barazzetta
  • May, 6th:
    • #8 Push Notification with Delphi
    • Antonello Carlomagno
  • May, 13th:
    • #9 TFrame/TFormStand and FMXER
    • Andrea Magni
  • May, 18th:
    • #E1 Tra VCL e FMX: come trasformare il codice per smettere di preoccuparsi
    • Andrea Raimondi
  • May, 20th:
    • #10 Deploy of Windows desktop applications on Windows Store
    • Carlo Barazzetta
  • May, 27th:
    • #11 Web applications with UniGUI
    • Antonello Carlomagno

Schedule may change to allow new topics in or to have some space about news on the coming Delphi version.


Since a few years, I maintain a newsletter to keep developers aware of my activities (professional ones, like training courses for developers, those about my open-source projects and those involving the community, like this one).

Feel free to sign up using this link!

Screenshots from live sessions


We are looking to see you online for the next sessions (first in schedule is for Wednesday, April 22).

I really need to thank :

To join the sessions go to, where you’ll find a link to the Lumicademy Classroom (once downloaded the client, available for Windows and MacOS platforms, you’ll be able to join).

Feel free to let us know your thoughts (here, on social networks, on Slack or via email) about this initiative or whatever you’d like!

See you online!

3 thoughts on “Delphi Live – Italy

  1. Rick Dunnegan says:

    Hi Andrea, When I was living in Europe (so many years ago) I did a lot with Pascal and Delphi. Delphi 5 was the version of the last time I played with it. I have attempted to download a trial version of the newest Delphi over a year ago and then again this afternoon(version 10.3) . The website says it will email a ‘Trial Key’ and here again I blew an afternoon waiting for a key that would never show up, this comes after uninstalling, downloading and re-installing. I called sales and no answer. I called customer support and he told me he only supports purchased software. I have emailed the webmaster. So before I leave this alone for another year or two, (and may never come back) I thought I would ask you if you had ANY answers on how to get me up and running. I am an Enterprise MSDN subscriber and very serious user. I rarely have a lot of time on my hands so I would like to get going- any pointers/answers would be appreciated!

    1. Andrea Magni says:

      Hi Rick, I would suggest to contact your local Embarcadero office or reseller and they should be able to fix your issue with the trial key. Another option would be to give a try to the Community Edition (if you apply to its license) and then you have the option to buy the product.

      What country are you from?


    2. Andrea Magni says:

      Also, I guess you already checked your SPAM folder. Sometimes automated emails are recognized as spam from mail systems.

      Let me know if you solve it, otherwise I’ll try to put you in contact with somebody at Embarcadero (I am a freelance).

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