New year, new home ;-)

Happy new year everyone! 🙂

I’ve recently moved my blog from the previous hosting (where I was paying to have WordPress as a service and had some troubles with the blog offline for the last days of 2016) to a new server I will use also to host some other websites of mine (like and some new services I am going to start this year.

It has been easy to order a new CX20 vServer from with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (hey, Delphi is coming to Linux!), install and setup Apache (including use of letsencrypt to enable https everywhere). A bit harder was to migrate my WordPress blog from the old server to the new one but finally I succeeded without loosing any content and being able to keep old URLs working (though the “official” blog address is changed from to ).

I am going to blog post soon to provide you the latest news about my open source projects (MARS-Curiosity, TFrameStand and SlackDriver, all reachable on GitHub ).

Wishing you all the best for this 2017!


2 thoughts on “New year, new home ;-)

  1. Carlo Barazzetta says:

    Io vedo un font un po’ poco leggibile in questo blog… comunque buon anno!

    1. andrea.magni says:

      Adesso dovrei aver sistemato il font anche su Windows (su Mac si vedeva bene mentre su Windows sbagliava il font: )


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