The year 2015 is almost over and it is holiday time, here in Italy.

Since my last blog post, a couple of things changed in my work life and I want to update the blog according to this.

I have decided to strongly resize my collaboration with Wintech-Italia (quite pervasive in the last three years). This is mostly due to a change in the company composition (I still own a minority slice of the company) and to a significant divergence with respect to the objectives and methods to achieve them.
I strongly believe that a good agreement is the key factor for the success of any company and, not less important, it is essential to preserve enthusiasm and happiness of people working there.

Given this, I will continue my work as an individual, preserving my activities of Embarcadero MVP and as an independent consultant (I have always been a freelance computer engineer).

It will happen that I will use this blog also for italian contents (italian developers appreciate technical contents in their own language).
To provide a better experience to my readers, I’ve marked all my blog posts with a language-specific tag so international readers can easily skip italian-only contents.
So, if you prefer to skip italian contents, you may want to bookmark this link:

A couple of blog post will follow soon.
Stay tuned 😉

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