TFrameStand v.1.2 available on GitHub and GetIt!

I am very happy to announce a new version (v1.2) of TFrameStand is now available both on GitHub and on GetIt (Embarcadero’s Package Manager).

This update is significant mostly because a couple of bug-fixes (like this and this) are now included in the GetIt distribution and there is now a specific package for each different Delphi versions (XE8, 10 Seattle and 10.1 Berlin). This avoids name clashes when multiple Delphi versions are installed on the same machine.
By the way, a new Status property has been added and it may be useful to properly orchestrate some animations and effects when showing/hiding your frames.

TFrameStand has proven to be a very useful component in some projects I have been involved (for example Viktor) and had quite success among Delphi developers (many of them asking about it at Delphi conferences/events I’ve been so far). The CodeRage X session replay reached almost 1.5K views on YouTube and with a positive feedback.

I will be giving an overview session about TFrameStand this Friday at ITDevCon 2016, in Rome (Italy). In November, I will give the same session at EKON 20, in Dusseldorf (Germany).


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